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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for many things, but one of them was the chance to celebrate our first Vegan Thanksgiving. Although we’d been vegetarian for years, we committed to being vegan in January 2010, so this was our first vegan Thanksgiving.

Sunnie made delicious brussel sprouts, one of our favorite dishes (she’ll post the recipe soon), while I made mashed sweet potatoes and chocolate mousse. The kitties helped out in their own way, which largely entails begging for food.


Although my family are omnis, my mom made a yummy vegan black bean, rice, and avocado salad:


And Kelly, one of my sister-in-laws, made a corn, lima bean, zucchini, and pepper saute that was yummy:

So we are also thankful that our family is more aware of how good and simple vegan food can be and are accommodating when we get together. So while they had their turkey, more than half the dishes the family had this year were vegan!


Sunnie’s brussel sprouts were awesome, just like always!


I went a little overboard and toasting the top of the sweet potatoes, and they burned slightly, but the toastiness actually made it better!


This was my first time making chocolate mousse, using silken tofu. Yummy, but we’re going to cut down on the amount of soy milk next time so it’s a little thicker.

I also gave my dad the China Study and a short article on fighting type 2 diabetes with a vegan diet. It helps to be able to point to President Clinton as an example. It’s just my first nudge to him, but I’m going to sit down with him sometime soon and talk about it. His diabetes and heart disease have been a part of our lives since I was young, and I’m trying to walk the line between being pushy vegan-boy, and letting him know that this is something he can commit to so his health can improve! He was on the Atkins diet for years, so it’ll be a big switch, but something I really hope he’ll consider.

All in all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did as well!

What did you have for Thanksgiving this year?

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  1. June 29, 2012 10:30 am

    I imagine you have perfected the chocolate mousse by now. I don’t use ANY soymilk when I make mine. Another delicious way to do it is with canned coconut milk (let it get thick by leaving it open in the fridge for a day or two then just use it like you would the tofu…but make sure you don’t get the watery part at the bottom of the can) I’d love to hear an update on “pushy vegan-boy” talking to President Clinton. “Pushy Vegan-Boy”…..sounds like a super hero!

    • Bill permalink*
      June 29, 2012 10:44 am

      Hi, Emily. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m actually not a big dessert person (probably because my dad has been diabetic since I was a kid do we never had sweets around) so I actually haven’t done another chocolate pudding yet. But I’ll keep your recommendations in mind the next time I try it out as it definitely could’ve been thicker.

      Things actually went very easily and my dad has now been vegan for over a year! I gave him the China Study, and we read it together, and he decided to go vegan right then! I was shocked!

      He’s not the healthiest of vegans, still not eating enough greens, but he’s lost over 40 pounds, and his diabetes related numbers are the best they’ve been in decades!

      Next up I’m going to try and have him watch Forks Over Knives and see if we can get him to cut oils and add more whole grains and veggies. My mom is still omni do that complicates things a little bit, still I’m thrilled with his progress! 🙂

  2. June 29, 2012 10:57 am

    That is great to hear! I passed Forks over Knives over to one of my co-workers (a hunter) and he has decided to start adding a few Vegan recipes into his weekly diet. That’s gotta count for something 🙂

    My husband is still an omni and quite resistant to my vegan-ness but I’m the primary cook in the house so he’s getting more accustomed to vegan food, he even liked my vegan cheese sauce 🙂

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