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Grieving dog drawn to savior’s grave

November 30, 2010

Sad story about a dog who was rescued by a 12 year old boy after being hit by a car. After seeing the dog in the road, the boy screamed for his mom to stop the van and jumped out before it had even stopped to get the dog. The boy himself, three years later, was killed in an automobile accident and now the dog keeps returning to his grave. Really sad….

–SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Since her best friend’s death, Zelda has taken to wandering.

Neighbors spot the one-eyed, rust-colored dog roaming the farm roads near her home, heading in the direction of the cemetery.

Animal control officers say that’s where the dog was found recently, roving the grounds of a brick church on Bremen Highway, yards from her owner’s grave.

“She’s without her boy,” said mom Marci Reed. “She just sniffs all over, looking for her boy.”

Read the whole article via: Grieving dog drawn to savior’s grave | | The Indianapolis Star.

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