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Kpop star IU & Mia

December 1, 2010
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Who better for our first kpop entry than the awesome IU? IU has a special place in our hearts because of both her talent and her connection to Sunnie’s brother, John, who is a song writer and writes for IU, among other artists.

Because of John, we heard about IU before she made her debut. He was so impressed with her singing ability that he wrote what I think is his best song, “Mia”, for her so that she could demonstrate her vocals. She was 15 when she did “Mia”. It was cute to see how stiff and awkward she was when she first got started, but two years later, her star is really ascending.

Her managers have taken her the cute route, with songs like “Boo” and her biggest hit, “Marshmallow”.

These songs have brought her more commercial success but don’t really let her vocals stand out and cast her more in the role of the typical kpop teen girl, but she actually does great acoustic work and has performed them on a number of musical tv shows. She’s now on the reality tv show “Good Sunday” and will be in her first kdrama next year.

Still, my favorite song of hers is “Mia” which means “Lost Child.”

We liked the song so much that we thought what better name for our newest kitty than Mia?

Mia came to us in June of this year. She ran right up to Sunnie meowing for food and was the tiniest and cutest thing. She was so skinny, all eyes, and it looked like she’d had kittens recently despite looking like a kitten herself. We kept up this routine for a week or so, worried about taking her in if she had kittens somewhere nearby. We spoke with our next door neighbors and found that they’d been feeding her every day too! She was always so friendly, purring loudly and eating a ton of food.

We finally took her in to the Humane Society clinic, and they told us that she’d definitely had kittens but hadn’t been nursing, so they were likely stillborn. So we had her spade, got her all of her shots and a clean bill of health, and after a brief adjustment period with the boys (Pinch and Puck), she’s now a part of our family. Since she was the epitome of a lost child, it seemed fitting to name her Mia. Her and Pinch play together every day, and she’s a huge fan of brown rice and steamed vegetables. She still very much plays the lost child card, meowing pitifully for food and smooshing up her face to look as tiny and pathetic as possible. Sadly, despite the complete lack of subtlety, it usually works!


So that’s Mia’s story and an introduction to IU. Who is your favorite kpop artist?

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