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What’s with all the drama?! – December 2010

December 5, 2010

This will be the first post in an ongoing series filling you in on what we’re watching in the kdrama world.

We’ve got a pretty broad list of shows, old and new, that we’re watching.

Our favorite right now is Marry Me, Mary! aka Mary Stayed Out All Night (you can watch at which is a silly romantic-comedy following a group of college-aged kids in Hongdae (the hip district near an art college) connected through Mary, an innocent, down-on-her luck girl who’s father sets up an arranged marriage to the rich son of a friend in order to pay his debts. Mary convinces an indie musician to pretend to marry her in order to get out of the marriage, and the show follows the chaos that ensues.

Marry Me, Mary!

First of all, Hongdae is pretty cool. When you’re near an art school, you get some of the best graffiti you’ll ever encounter. Here was my favorite from last summer:

Hongdae graffiti

Secondly, the leads are some of our favorites. Moon Geun-Young was known as “the Nation’s Little Sister” for the cute roles she played when she was young. She absolutely set the tone for the entire series in her first role in Autumn Tale, one of our favorite dramas. She is absolutely heartbreaking in the few episodes she is in at the start of that series. More recently, she was fantastic and won the Daesang, the top acting prize, for Painter of the Wind (watch it at Dramafever), which would have been one of my very favorites if they hadn’t bungled the last third of the series. Kim Jae-Wook was a supporting actor in Coffee Prince (watch at Dramafever), my favorite drama ever, and Jang Geun-Suk is always over-the-top and cute in all of his roles, including You’re Beautiful (watch at DramaFever), another musician based and over the top rom-com that we really enjoyed. We’re currently desperately waiting for the eighth episode and really liking this series!

We’re also watching Hourglass aka Sandglass (watch at DramaFever) which came out in 1995 and shows the struggles of Koreans fighting their corrupt government and seeking a true democracy through the 70’s and 80’s.


It’s excellent, and has a real atmosphere of tragic fate, that I remarked to Sunnie reminded me in ways of The Godfather. Sandglass was hugely popular when it came out with over 60% of the nation watching it during its concluding episodes. It looks at a turbulent period of Korea is very valuable to me as well as I have a real interest in history, and Sunnie’s parents were attending college during this time, when college students were the driving force behind the protests for change.

Finally, we’re also watching Dr. Champ, a drama following doctors and athletes in the Korean National Team’s village, which is pretty good.

We just started watching Queen of Reversals (largely because Sunnie is crazy about Park Shi Hoo) which follows a business woman who loses her position after getting married.

Park Shi Hoo

My rival, Park Shi Hoo. Reason alone to watch a kdrama? Evidently....

And we’ve moved into fast-forward watching mode on Mischievous Kiss, a rom-com that’s pretty ridiculous (not that we mind this if it’s done well), can be cute, but has been dragging for a while now.

Mischievous Kiss

What are you watching?

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