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First snow

December 7, 2010
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We had our first substantial snow of the year here in Indiana. The autumn weather was so warm for so long that it almost seems like we went straight from summer to winter which is too bad because I love fall weather. The last of the roses still had some color:

Snow roses

Our neighbor’s dog, Sumo, an Akita, is really enjoying the cold weather. Us, not so much. He’ll lay in the snow for hours. He looks like a small bear, weighing around 130 pounds, but he’s such a sweet dog! He really likes us, but if his owners aren’t out, he always looks guiltily back towards the house when we ask him to come over and be pet and often pretends that he can’t hear us. If they’re out then he’s begging for attention from us.

Sumo the Akita

Our kimchi pot remains safe and secure under the snow covered flower pot.

hidden kimchi pot: flower pot in the snow

We’re working our way through the kimchi we brought in, and soon I fear I will have to make another trip outside to get more kimchi for the pot. Hopefully the snow will have melted off by then. It’s definitely cold, but we’re managing to keep warm with our Korean electric blanket!

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