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The Awesomeness of Lee Hyori ;)

December 7, 2010

Lee Hyori has always been one of my favorite Korean pop-stars, since she debuted in the 90s as a member of Finkle. She has been the most popular female solo-singer in Korea for probably over 7 years now. I just can’t really find a better way to describe her than that she is a mega-star, and that I really do love her! 😛

She is just so funny, cute, obnoxious and sexy all at the same time. She is also considered to have the golden touch for making 20 or 30 something ladies (like me and my friends) buy anything from Samsung cell phones to Sunchang Korean pepper paste!

One of the most visible contributions Hyori made to our society, is that she really transformed how “sexiness” was perceived in Korea. While sexiness is defined differently by us all, I have to say being considered sexy was a flat out bad thing just 10 years ago in Korea. People often took it as an insult. During the last 10 years, Hyori really has made sexiness into a positive and in a way gave permission to women to be sexy if they want to be.

While being sexy, she never projected the image of being cheap, which was the core of underlying negativity of sexiness in Korean culture. Instead, she appeared to be powerful and confident. Hyori’s role in Korean society’s perspective toward sexiness has really been pretty significant, as you can see through numerous scholarly articles being written about her impact on society, culture and economy.

At the same time, older Koreans adore her because she is so down-to-earth and respectful and sweet. Older Koreans usually consider Hyori “cute and adorable“, while many younger Koreans consider her “sexy and funny“.

I also find it so funny that she is renown for spending no money on herself and saving all her money for her family members. She has been helping her siblings and parents to have more opportunities in their small businesses. For example, Hyori shared in one of her interviews how her sister was able to open a cute little ddeokbokki snack store with her help!

The most important news is that it looks like our Hyori has been getting into the scene of animal rights movement through KARA (Korean Animal Rights Association). She came out to volunteer with KARA members working for dogs who need shelter during the winter. She looks super cute in her huge blue jumper and hat.

You can also see that she is handing out an outspoken Korean animal rights magazine “Soom” to other volunteers, a magazine I have been very impressed with. Yay to Hyori!! She really deserves to be admired and loved by us all!

I hope she keeps working with KARA. Check out the pictures of the volunteer work that Hyori participated in. You’ll need to look for her long blue jumper and hat to recognize that it’s her. You can see her making friends with and giving love to the the cute doggie friends. Here are the pictures! –1) first set of pictures of the volunteer work and 2) second set of pictures of the volunteer work.

And here is one of Hyori’s fun music videos!


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