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Who’s been naughty?

December 16, 2010

Peta has put out their naughty list for the year:

Check out who’s on the list and vote who you think has been the worst. While McDonald’s is always tempting, I had to go with Sea World this year – three orcas dead, and after watching The Cove, they get my vote for their hypocrisy in claiming to be creating an interest and love of sea animals while imprisoning them and confining them for their entire lives. Speaking of hypocrisy, I was shocked recently to see that the World Wildlife Fund has partnered with Sea World who is funding them to try to improve their image.

Learned about this through a WWF post on Facebook, and it sparked a massive backlash on Facebook from people like myself who were stunned to see that the WWF was partnering with Sea World while promoting saving animals in the wild. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Check out Peta’s list and don’t forget to sign up to be active with Peta, the Humane Society and other activist organizations. You do get good news from time to time such as the recent announcement that NASA has canceled its experiments that were to dose monkeys with radiation, President Obama signed into law a ban on internet crush videos, and the top 10 state legislation victories of the year. You can make a difference! And with that in mind, if you’re considering what your New Year’s resolution will be, how about pledging to be vegan in 2011 if you haven’t yet?

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