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Veggie Holic Bakery, Hongdae

May 24, 2011

The first veggie-friendly place we visited on this trip (we’ve been a lot busier with work than we anticipated) was Veggie Holic bakery.

Veggie Holic is in Hongdae, which if you remember from our Coffee Prince post, is an artsy neighborhood near an arts college, and one of our favorite areas in Seoul. We learned about Veggie Holic from a post on the excellent Alien’s Day Out blog, and while it evidently was at one time entirely vegan, they now have some dairy items, so you have to ask which items are vegan and which are not.

Veggie Holic

The cafe had a central section with baked goods on both sides. They were constantly bringing out new baked items and sitting at a table to put them in their wrappers. They also had a glass case of cakes and other items, including a vegan egg salad sandwich, but they told us that most of the items in the case were not vegan, so we kept to the middle display.

Veggie Holic

They did have a vegan sign up. Now, vegan is a term that most Koreans are not familiar with, and it was a bit misleading as they had this on both sides of the central shelves; however, evidently not all the items on these shelves are vegan.

Veggie Holic roll

The first thing we had was a simple roll with sweet bean paste inside. I’ve noticed that most Korean bakeries have baked goods that are much more light and roll-like than what we have in the west. So as opposed to dense cakes or brownies or really sweet baked goods, they tend to have light and mildly sweetened pastries that are much more bread-like.

Veggie Holic Green Tea Latte

We washed down our pastries with a yummy green tea latte. We did have to specify and pay 500 won more for non-dairy milk. The place was hopping and lots of people were coming in and out for drinks. It seems like it would better fit their mission statement if they charged more for the dairy than the non-dairy, but at least they’re getting the vegan word out, and they certainly seemed popular.

Veggie Hollic sweet potato rolls

We also had sweet potato rolls that were yummy. They served them with these whimsical smiley face forks!

Veggie Holic rolls

As a reward for getting so much, they gave us some free samples of a freshly baked batch of sweets too.

There are so many coffee shops and cafes around Seoul, it is really unbelievable. It was nice to have a veggie-friendly one to go too, and Hongdae is always a nice visit!

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  1. Barbwire Cowgirl permalink
    May 26, 2011 1:10 am

    Those forks do look cute!
    That would be nice to have baked goods less sweetening and lighter, most of the time a person can’t finish what their eating because its just too sweet!

    • Bill permalink*
      May 28, 2011 8:08 pm

      It’s definitely a trait of Korean bakeries. I’ll have a post on another vegan bakery soon, and they also had lighter, less rich fare.

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