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Lee Hyori’s Second Song for Abandoned Animals!

July 15, 2011

Lee Hyori Remember

I’ve recenlty blogged about how our favorite Korean star Lee Hyori put out a beautiful song to help abandoned animals. The first song, “Please Stay Behind” was absolutely beautifully written by Lucid Fall, and Hyori’s voice singing it was just so amazing… so genuine.

Hyori has a second song out (just released several days ago) on her campaign blog for abandoned animals in Korea. The song’s title is “Remember” and it’s just as beautiful as Please Stay Behind. I translated the lyrics to share here!

Written by Lee Sangsoon and Yoon Yungbae
Sung by Lee Hyori

On top of the steep stairs
A shining fence wall
Warm sunshine
alling lazily
in my memories

That one empty afternoon
The red balloon that was in the air
Sank down with no energy

Suddenly you came running out and were in my arms
The moment that I saw innocent you, so happy to see me

That one kiss and your warmth
As if you were whispering in tears
Your eyes wanted to say something
Please remember me

가파른 계단 위
눈부신 담벼락
나른하게 쏟아져 내린
내 기억엔 따뜻했던 햇살

공중에 떠 있던
붉은 빛 풍선이
기운 없이 떨어져 내린
그 텅 빈 오후 느닷없이

달려 나와 내 품에 안겨
날 반겨주던 하얀 널 본 순간

한번의 입맞춤과 그 따뜻한 체온
낮은 울음소리 속삭이듯
두 눈 가득히 무언가 하고픈 말
날 기억해

Hyori Soonshim



I love these pictures… aren’t they so sweet? For more pictures of Hyori and her dog, Soonshim (above) that inspired her to do all this campaign work, you can go to this link: they have had some great photo shoots for a magazine article. And you can see the amazing Hyori working at the shelter as well!

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  1. Audery permalink
    February 15, 2013 9:22 pm

    hooooori i love u can u hear me
    u are so kind ;* (mwanch ;* ;* ;* )

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