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Kyulmyungja cha (Coffee Senna Tea) for Warmer Days!

May 5, 2012

kyulmyungja cha

Here is another one of my Korean herbal tea posts for a cool, nice summer! =)

Kyulmyungja cha (Coffee Senna) is a widely used water substitute in Korea during the summer. It has a nice quality of cooling your body, so it is very popular during the warmer months! Kyulmyungja actually originated from North America but is widely used in East Asia.

Kyulmyungja is widely used in Korean traditional medicine as well – for liver health, urinary health as well as eye health. As I said earlier, it has a cooling quality, so it helps your body get rid of heat during the summer days, as well as keeping damp-heatness away from your liver. Koreans suffer a lot from damp-heatness during the summer. The weather gets humid, and because of the heat, people tend to eat lots of icy and sugary drinks, ice-cream and frozen treats, along with very cold fruits and vegetables. This disrupts the harmony of liver, spleen and stomach, etc, and therefore results in dampness of the body. So, during the summer, you will see a lot of “monsoon-tummyaches” among Koreans. Kyulmyungja cha helps to avoid this damp-heatness, especially liver heatness. When you liver is healthy and free from heat, you will have a better digestive system and a better complexion as well!

So, we see a ton of Korean restaurants use Kyulmyungja cha during the summer as a water substitute (barley tea is very popular during the summer too as it also has a cooling quality). I’ve always loved Kyulmyungja cha. Young Koreans love drinking Kyulmyungja cha with sweeteners too, and it’s really yummy, although you would not want to drink too much sweet tea.

Kyulmyungja is the one on the lower right. The shiny brown kernels!

herbal cha

Kyulmyungja cha (Coffee Senna Tea) Recipe

1. In a small pot full of water, add a a teaspoon (or two) and let it boil until the color gets very red. (Takes around 10-15 minutes.)
2. Enjoy hot, warm or cool – it always tastes good!

Kyulmyungja has shiny, brown kernels.

kyulmyungja boiling
Just add a teaspoon or two of kyulmyungja into water and bring to a boil.

kyulmyungja cha
As the kyulmyungja boils, the water turns a deep red.

kyulmyungja cha
And it’s ready. A beautiful and simple summer tea!

You’ll find Kyulmyungja in any Korean grocery store, so maybe you can try it sometime during the summer months. =)

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  1. July 29, 2012 7:18 am

    Oh thank you for this! I have wondered what Koreans drink in the summer because drinking water isn’t doing it for me since I do consume a lot of sweet cold things in the summer which isn’t good for you. This will work just fine. Go map seup nee dah

    • Sunnie permalink*
      July 29, 2012 3:26 pm

      You’re welcome, Jacqueline! I hope you are able to try and like the various Korean teas we shared!! 😉

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