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It’s Psy’s world, and the rest of us are just livin’ in it!: Best Gangnam Style Parodies

November 14, 2012

Psy & Britney on the Ellen Show

As I’m sure you’re all aware, in the weeks since I first blogged about Psy’s Gangnam Style blowing up, it has continued to grow in popularity (as evidenced by the above picture of Psy dancing with Britney and one of our favorite vegans, Ellen Degeneres). It’s really pretty crazy. I’ve watched NFL players doing the Gangnam Style dance after scoring touch downs. It’s been played coming back from commercial breaks during the football games. I’ve heard it on the radio. In Indiana. Korean being sung on regular Indiana radio stations – that’s just bizarre. As I was telling my father-in-law, you just don’t hear foreign-language music being played on mainstream US radio. My mom watches Dancing with the Stars, and they featured Gangnam Style as a dance on there. Even my friend’s young son said he knew the song because they were dancing to it in gym class at school. It’s everywhere, and Psy is everywhere, appearing in Korea and the US every week and appearing with celebrity after celebrity. I’m sure the man is exhausted, but with the song reaching number 2 on the Billboard charts, he’s taking full advantage of his surprising opportunity. And, he’s never too tired to bring it when he performs. Just check out this crazy scene of his performance for 80,000 fans at Seoul’s city hall!

But with Gangnam Style gaining its popularity through the viral music video, it’s of no surprise that it has also spawned a ton of viral parodies that are also a blast. I’ve watched so many, from the University of Oregon duck, to US merchant marine cadets, to dancing knights from the video game, Skyrim,. Even the 7’2″ center of my Indianapolis Pacers, Roy Hibbert, did a small Gangnam Style flash mob with some of his fans in Indy’s Circle Center Mall! However, while many are good, I have some definite favorites. So with no further ado, here are the top 3 Gangnam Style parodies!

#3. 8-bit Gangnam Style

Since I grew up playing 8-bit video games, I have to give props to the excellent reproduction of Gangnam Style!

#2. Hitler Gangnam Style

This is a classic, as this clip of a movie about Hitler has been endlessly used on the Internet to complain about movies, sporting event outcomes, and everything else. I thought it was brilliant and hilarious how they mixed this to have him singing to Gangnam Style!

and the #1 Gangnam Style parody is, what else? Vegan Gangnam Style!!!!!

I just love the lyrics to this – totally hilarious!

I hope you enjoyed these Gangnam Style parodies. What are your favorites?

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